Every Car Reveals A Story.

Eco-Friendly water blasting for your restoration.

at the heart, we're car guys.

Every car has a story. We’ve heard a lot of them.  From restoring that old Mustang because it was dads, or that barn find 911 that you lucked upon, the first step of restoration is always revealing the history…the dents, the dings, the bad repairs, the rust.  Once you see what you’re working with, you can formulate a plan, and start the process of bringing her back to her former glory. The good news is, you’ve just found your first step. 

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Eventually…yes. But not for a few days.  We treat the water with HoldTight 102, which is a rust-preventative liquid.  That being said, you should have a plan to get the car into some Direct to Metal (DTM) Primer in the next few days. 

Blasting is done with water, and recycled bottle glass. (It looks like sand). It’s eco-friendly, and we try our best to reclaim as much of it as possible for future use. 

We are in Southern California, in the LA area.

Cars generally range between $1200-$1500 depending on a variety of factors. 

A typical car takes 3-5 hours, and we have to tack on some prep and cleaning time on that. 

It’s a bit messy, and can be a bit loud.  We use tarps to make as little of a mess as possible (If we can blast with a car on grass, it makes it quite easy to clean up) and it’s no louder than a leaf blower from the lawn guys. 

No, I’m afraid not.  If you live in close quarters like that, your neighbors will hate you. However, we are fully mobile, so if you can get your car to an empty lot or a field somewhere, we’ll do it there.  


Contact us and we'll answer any questions you have about the process.